The Rascapetatiando Dance Company


This is a slideshow I created about the Rascapetatiando Dance Company in El Mirage, AZ. Director, Frank Ornelas, has a passion for dance and it shows in the way he instructs his students. Folklorico is a type of dance that shares the traditions and cultures of Mexico, but Ornelas likes to start with folklorico and then amp it up a bit with elements of other dance and theater to create something completely unique. Orenlas was once part of the prestigious dance group Ballet Folklorico de Mexico de Amalia Hernandez. Thousands auditioned to be part of this prominent group, but only 10 dancers were selected and Ornelas was one of them. He left the group in 2016 to start his own company, the Rascapetatiando Dance Company.

If you ask Alexis Hermosillo, co-founder of Rascapetatiando Dance Company, about Ornelas’ passion for dance, she will tell you, “He lives, eats, breathes dance and especially Mexican folkor. It’s part of his culture,” she said. Ornelas, 28, has been dancing since he was eight years old and for him, dance is his life. “It’s all that I’ve known and loved,” he said.